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Travel Fee:   The following mileage fee applies:

0-20 miles from 77373 - $20 mileage fee

21-30 miles from 77373 - $25 mileage fee

31-40 miles from 77373 - $35 mileage fee

41-45 miles from 77373 - $40 mileage fee

Over 45 miles - Please inquire for mileage fee

Final Payment: Final payment is due when I arrive to set-up and must be made in cash.  Payment can be made with a major credit card, however; payment must be processed at least three (3) days before the scheduled event. All final payments made with a credit or debit card will be subject to a 2.9% processing fee.   Effective immediately, a completed and signed credit card authorization form must be on file prior to making your final payment.  Please see below to download this form.  Checks and credit cards are not accepted on the day of the party, for payment ... NO EXCEPTIONS!

UPSTAIRS PARTY: We are unable to hold parties on the 2nd or third floor. Parties are held on ground level ONLY.

Pets: At the courtesy of you party hostess and guests, please remove large pets from the party area, prior to our arrival.

Additional Hostess:  All  party packages with more than 8 guests will require an add'l party hostess for an additional fee of $50.00. All party packages with 16 or more children attending require an additional two party hostesses at $50.00 each. All party packages with 24-32 kids will be charged for three hostesses at $50 each.

If a child does not show up, do I still pay for that child? Please remember, as with the event planning industry standard, you will be charged for the final head count you gave prior to the party.

Cancellations and Refunds: If you must cancel your party for any reason, the following refund policy applies: We will be unable to refund your deposit.  If you need to reschedule, we will gladly offer an alternative party date for your consideration.  In the event of inclement weather, serious illness , or other unforeseen emergencies, we reserve the right to cancel any event and offer an alternative party date.

Maximum Attendance:  Maximum attendance is thirty (30).  

Party Times: Parties are 1.5  to 2 hours depending on the package selection and age of the children. I will arrive approximately one hour  before the schedule party time to set up and will require 45 minutes breakdown time after the party.

Parking: Please leave some space for us to park near an entrance where we will not be blocked in.  We would appreciate easy access, as we have a lot of heavy items to carry into your party.

What happens if a guest arrives late? Because our parties are based on a schedule, they work best when all guests arrive on time.  Those guests coming late may join the party at whatever point it has progressed to.

Can parents of the guests stay for the party? This is a high-energy party with make-up, dress-up, photo taking, crafts, and lots of movement.  If there is ample room without interference we welcome an audience.  

Who takes care of a guest if they become ill, are a behavior problem, or do not want to participate? Guests who do not wish to participate will need to be attended to by you. We are not responsible for the behavior of the guests.Tea-lightful Parties LLC is responsible for hosting your party and engaging the guests in a constant activity. Good behavior is always promoted, but it is your responsibility to monitor and take charge if a child is not behaving, becomes ill, or does not wish to participate.

Can siblings of the guests stay?  Please remember that our party packages cover only the guest of honor and their guests. Unfortunately, we will not be able to accommodate unexpected guests or siblings of guests, as we prepare our parties based on the final head count given to us prior to the party. Siblings (of any age), who are not guests of the birthday child, will not be permitted to use any equipment.

Food and Beverages: Please refrain from serving "messy" foods at your tea party such as chili dogs, condiments, and other items.
I will be happy to suggest an appropriate party menu for the event.

If a child does not show up, do I still pay for that child? Please remember, you will be charged for the final head count you gave prior to the party.

How do I reserve a party? To book a party please contact us to confirm date and time availability.  Once your date and time has been confirmed, please visit our  to submit your party information and pay your deposit. Final payment of the balance must be paid in cash and is due on the day of your party prior to the start of the party.

Where is the party held?  Parties are typically held in your home or the venue of your choice.

Client Obligations:
Provide a safe and clean area for dress-up, and all activities.
a.      Provide a safe and clean area for dress-up, and all activities.
b.      Remain with/near the party at all times.
c.      Provide a gathering place for parents of the guests who wish to stay.
d.      Provide a smoke-free environment.


**Tea-lightful Parties assumes no responsibility or liability for accidents or damages caused during your party. Your party host will work to ensure that your home and guests are treated in the most respectable manner.

**Tea-lightful Parties is not responsible for allergic reactions to wearing any costumes or consuming any food or
beverages before, during or after the party. It is the responsibility of the guest and/or guests' parent or guardian to inform the client of any dietary restrictions.